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Our "Featured Customer Wall of Fame" showcases our past Featured Customers of-the-Month that have won our highest honor of customer acclaim here at Smoothie Whirl'd. Here we pay a lasting tribute to these brave (and thirsty) individuals who have helped make Smoothie Whirl'd the go-to place for healthy and delicious smoothies in South Florida!

Jeff Sinclair
June 2016
Akeem Jordan
July 2016
Sarah Johnson
October 2016
Frank Bertot
November 2016
Thomas Snedeker
February 2017
Andy Bouchhlas
March 2017
Felicia Edwards
April 2017
Latrice Jones
May 2017
Noelle Hutton
June 2017
Raul Santiago
July 2017
Ruth Haggerty
August 2017
Ingrid Lopez
September 2017

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