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Though coffee can be enjoyed any time of day, it is certainly a tradition for many people in the morning. Along with the caffeine, rich aroma and bold taste, coffee is packed with antioxidants, which can benefit your body and immune system, according to Lene Frost Anderson and his team of researchers at the University of Oslo and the University of Minnesota. If you prefer to drink your coffee in the form of an icy smoothie, you can combine your breakfast and wake-up drink in one!

Even when you are blending the coffee with other ingredients in a smoothie, the quality and taste of the coffee itself remains important. The coffee will likely be the dominant flavor in the drink. We use only the finest Arabica, cold-brewed coffee in all of our coffee smoothies.

Java Blaster
Our delicious, non-fat Frozen yogurt and
cold-brewed Arabica coffee
Vanilla Java Blaster
Vanilla cream flavor, non-fat frozen yogurt and
cold-brewed Arabica coffee
Mocha Java Blaster
Hershey's Chocolate, non-fat frozen yogurt and
cold-brewed Arabica coffee